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I grew up in Roberta, Georgia (pop. 808)…

I’d have to say my biggest influence is my dad. He played guitar and sang for me ever since I was a baby. His music was the only thing I ever listened to as a kid.

And…Whoever bought me that Mariah Carey tape “Emotions” did me a huge favor… I would practice singing to her every day. I owe my lucky ear to my dad and that tape.

The first time I sang in public was at an all black Southern Baptist church on Christmas eve when I was 8. For some reason I decided to sing “White Christmas…” I just recently realized the humor in that — but luckily at the time, everyone thought it was cute…

Soon after, I started singing in talent shows and would do the National Anthem for opening day of little league baseball.

I would always act like i could play my dads Gibson — ’till he was getting pissed that I kept knocking it around…So he bought me my very own guitar when I was 13. As soon as i learned a new chord — i wrote a new song…And thats pretty much how it goes.

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