Artists | Kyle Cook (of Matchbox Twenty)

Kyle Cook (of Matchbox Twenty)

Kyle enrolled at the Atlanta Institute of Music where he was exposed to various styles of music. There he was able to expand his knowledge of classical music, which he had studied as a violinist well before falling in love with artists like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Consequently, like Brett, his desire to begin an immediate career in writing and performing Rock n’ Roll made the school’s condensed one-year program the perfect environment for his development. Upon graduation, Cook was quickly introduced to producer Matt Serletic who was searching for guitarists for one of his groups called Tabitha’s Secret. Cook was impressed by the songwriting and production. Shortly thereafter, Matt flew Kyle to an audition in Orlando where he was soon offered the job. This group later became Matchbox 20, which to date has had three multi-platinum records and a string of number one hits.

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